Žymos: kinija kostiumas, kinų suknelė hanfu, cheongsam viršų, hanfu moterims, hanfu, hanfu lėlės priedai, pėstininkas su kardu, vaiko suknelė povas, senovės kinų suknelė, vyrų hanfu perukas.

€30.19 €45.07
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  • Medžiaga: Poliesteris
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Lytis: MOTERIS

Michael Kaupe
I ordered one size more, but the seller warned that they would send a smaller size; I hope, what exactly was the case; the goods came quickly, as, in general, its sending. Sad only from the fact that a lot of sticking threads, yes the skirt without embroidery (although it seemed in the photo, that everything with embroidery), and also the top seems to be slightly lighter, than in the photo the seller (well, come on, not critical). In general, the product and communication with the seller is happy, so I recommend the seller. Also, I recommend that you change all your parameters and consult the seller before buying almost from top to bottom, with what size to decide.

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